Monday, November 24, 2014

Abounding Grace

 2 Cor 9:8 - And God is able to make ALL grace abound toward you; that Ye always having ALL sufficiency in ALL things, may abound to every good work.

God has called us all to do various things in our life for him. At times I have felt fear gripping me to the point of stagnation after he has given me what I refer to as a mission or an assignment. You see I was trying to do things in my own strength and ability, not Gods. The above scripture taught me that when God calls you to do something for him he graces you to do the job. 

Here is a real life example of what I am trying to say. Every year at our church we have a Christmas play. Around the end of September those participating in the  play receive their parts. There usually is acting and singing parts. As we practice together, paint flats for the scenes, gather costumes for each part it seems like nothing is going right. People are not learning their lines and each of us seem nervous. But we are committed to the mission to show others the true meaning of Christmas. You see God was gracing us each step of the way as we worked towards having a successful play. To our amazement on the night of the play everything seems to come together. The people arrive. The stage is set. The actors are hidden in rooms behind the scenes. The Pastor comes out welcoming everyone and says a prayer. The spirit of Christmas fills the room. God immediately empowers us to abound in the very work he called us to do that night. Everyone's performance is exceptionally good! 

God continually amazes me how he works through his people. Especially through me. You see in my younger years I was very shy, scared of speaking in front of people. No confidence at all. Unhappy about my looks and thought no one liked me. How could they? What was there to like? Now through Gods abounding grace I can speak in front of people, people do like me, and I have the confidence to do whatever he calls me to  do. He promises that his abounding grace is always there for me.

This devotion was written by the heart of Pat James. Love to all! Happy Thanksgiving. 

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  1. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Prayers please for our Christmas play which is approaching very soon! This devotion made me laugh :) Right now it is a complete mess!!!! Prayerfully everyone including myself will be able to learn the lines !!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!! Pamela Britt Malone