Friday, October 3, 2014


1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV)
And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.  

Last week for seven days my sole responsibility in life was to simply be a grandmother! My grown children went on a birthday vacation, leaving this GeGe totally in charge! When I was ask to keep my granddaughter, my mouth said yes but my thoughts said ...YIKES... at the pressure of taking care of a five year old!!!

Somehow at the age of 57 it seemed a little more stressful than it was back in the day when I turned 30 and was raising my 3 little stair steps! I wasn't fearful that I couldn't do the job, I just wanted to do my job perfectly :) I had concerns that she might miss her parents and cry. I wanted to be able to comfort her. 

The Lord worked everything out beautifully. My sweet little mother came to my rescue and helped me every single step of the way! "THE GRAN" read the Word of God into her each morning, had dinner on the table each night and kept the laundry going giving me the time to play, snuggle and make precious memories with both of my grand babies. 

Who knew there was great responsibility in taking care of a kindergartner??? Who knew that sometimes they have homework? Who knew you have to be sitting in the drop off carpool line by 7:10 so you won't be late for work because if you don't you are caught up in the small town of Jasper's traffic? WHO KNEW??? Who knew that when your child is in kindergarten big words are suggested to be used at home like the word proactive??? Who uses that word around the house???
WHO KNEW???????????????????

The one thing The Lord taught me during this sweet journey was ......


RESPONSIBILITY - to take care of

Selfless acts of kindness, hard work and preparation are the words that come to my mind while I am writing this devotion. When you love some one the bottom line is they come first! When you have the love of Jesus flowing from your heart these things always come natural. 

Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice of love for each one of us!  There is NO greater JOY in LIFE than to LOVE!!!!

Blessings Always ~
Pamela Britt Malone
IG - pammiemalone 

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  1. I loved your devotion! You are blessed with a great family and I love all of you dearly!