Friday, October 10, 2014

Mustard Up Your Faith


Matthew 11:28 (NIV) - Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

My name is Pamela Britt Malone. If my name was listed in the Dictionary it would have the definition attached to it as - PLAIN! Yes!!! Plain ole Pammie and I really like it that way :)  

There's not much "hoopla" in the story of my life. I am, just simply, me! I don't hide my feelings very well. If I am sad you will feel it or if I am happy you will be able to hear it! I can truthfully say, you get what you see, I am the same wherever I go! 

Growing up in my Christian faith I have never been the type of person who doubted their salvation, stressed about going to hell or wondered if God was real. Before the date of July 18, 2014, If I were asked to describe the foundation of my faith; I would have to say it would be a very thick slab of solid concrete, poured with love and surrounded by pure steel. UNSHAKABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

At least I thought...........

Until the beginning of last Summer my faith had never been remotely questioned. People have noticed that I have not been my bubblie self since the passing of my Father. They have understood why I have been weary. They know why I have been heavily burdened. I have been unsure of walking across my own concrete slab of faith, knowing that it might crumble at any given moment. 

Last week in the middle of my struggle ...RIGHT WHEN...I felt that everyone finally understood me ....

An employee from the main office has been placed temporarily to fill in at my branch. I have worked with this sweet woman off and on for 16 years now. She knows my faith in Christ and throughout the years I have had many request from her for important prayer. My heart was heavy that first morning she came into the bank but as we began to chat, I knew her heart was crushed. A bad report was given concerning her brother.

I asked God as soon as my boss placed her next to me..................

Each day, I managed to mustard up my faith and gently presented the Word of God. It was not easy. Honestly, I just did not feel like ministering. I did not want to teach. I did not want to share. I was empty. 

I don't pretend to be perfect in my faith walk. I am in the process of healing from a great loss. I didn't feel ready in anyway to do The Lords work but in my WEARINESS God used my WILLINGNESS!!!! At the end of the week, A GOOD REPORT came :) 

The Lord is showing me there is a new miracle that is waiting for us each day. Some are HUGE  like cancer free Jay and some are so tiny that the average person might over look it. I am learning to search out the positive. At the end of the day... GOD IS GOOD and plain Pammie....

Blessings to you always ~
Pamela Britt Malone 
IG - pammiemalone 

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