Monday, October 20, 2014

Free Will Offerings

There is something about free will. The act of doing something when it isn't required. I am convinced it is an act that touches the Almighty in a special way. If you think about it our whole belief system is set up on free will. We have the power to decide to follow Christ or not. Nothing is making us do it. We choose on our own free will what we believe.

When I was studying Exra the other day a phrase kept popping out at me, "free will offering." It says it several times in the first couple of chapters of Ezra. I started thinking about that. It isn't really a term used in today's churches. Ofcourse you pay your tithes, but this was different! This was people giving above what they were required on their own free will to rebuild the temple. Something so important. Something that would have not been accomplished probably as fast or maybe even at all if people had not listened to God and gave of their own free will.

It was a cause they believed in. They believed with their whole hearts in the rebuilding of the Temple. I sat and thought about how we could apply this to the modern church. What do you believe in that your church is doing? Have you ever thought about making a free will offering? There is something so moving about free will. Anyone and everyone should tithe! The Word of God tells you to! And it is the only place in the Bible that says if you do it God will rebuke the devour for you! Now think about what He would do if you honored Him by making a FREE WILL offering!!!!!!!!

Just a thought! Be blessed!!!!


  1. That is so true Mary Catherine. I LOVE how God always shoes you the neatest things :) Pamela Britt Malone