Thursday, September 18, 2014

At the County Fair


2 Timothy 3:13 (ISV) 
But evil people and impostors will go from bad to worse as they deceive others and are themselves deceived. 

For the past three years my church has parked cars for the Jasper Jaycees at the county fair. Pastor Timothy said if you want to know what real people are like....come and help park cars!!! It is true! Nice people and not so nice people. Fancy cars and some cars that I literally pray they will make it home and everything in-between. It is the fairgrounds and everyone that enters those gates is anxious to get parked and get inside!!!

As a child I remember the fair as chilly nights, free concerts and out of this world EXTRA LARGE corn dogs! In honor of my happy childhood memories each September I wipe the sweat from my face and head into the fair in search of finding the colorful trailer that will sell me one! 

The word alluring came to my mind this year as I braved the crowds and entered! The Fair is bright, beautiful and a thrilling place to be! Fast rides, the house of glass, HUGH stuffed animals that people are hoping to win and wonderful smells of nearly everything fried! People seem happy and carefree when they step inside the fair :)  

It was getting late and the last night of parking cars. The only light I had was my small flashlight and the moon. It was big and beautiful. Almost a full moon that Saturday night. It started lightening deep in the black sky and it appeared that a thunderstorm might be forming. The clouds moved in quickly and completely covered the entire moon. I was reminded by The Lord that even though I could no longer see the moon through the clouds, it was still there!

Alluring things are everywhere we turn in this evil world but they will only make us happy for short time! The only person that will ever fill a void in  anyone's life is JESUS CHRIST! Don't get caught up with people that will take you further than you want to go on the fast rides of life! You might get stuck in the glass house and have trouble escaping! The old saying are who you hang around absolutely true!!! Sometimes in life we find ourselves so deep hanging around the wrong crowd that we are easily deceived. You might not be able to see The Lord clearly but HE IS STILL THERE! Stop waiting around "thinking" someday I will change and win the prize! Jesus is waiting for you TODAY! Tomorrow might be too late! 
Bad friends are like greasy comfort foods. If allowed they will stick to you and they are hard to shake off!  


Many Blessings to you always ~ Pamela Britt Malone
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  1. Really good!!! I always look forward to reading your devotions! May God bless you!!!!!