Saturday, August 2, 2014

All Things New

"Oh God u have made me new you've restored my heart and turned these ashes into life oh God you have pulled me through and everything I was is gone and washed away for good. I'm a new man new!!"

All things new!!

This is exactly how I hope each and everyone of us sees their life with God. He has made your life brand new and it is so!!

I know we have ups and downs but God pulls us through all of it. Bad and good. I'm sure everyone of us has a story to tell. As I write to share I have many stories!! It's just picking the right one. I used to smoke pot, drink, do pills, and party always. I was a Christian then I just felt like it didn't matter because I was to far to come back so I continued to do as I pleased. It was rough.. But to make the long story short, I found Gods love once more! :) It can be done! Faith and love pulls one through and God makes it stronger and you don't want to leave that! It's awesome! So you are new God took the old and washed it away for good!! There's always a reason for everything!

Thanks for reading Chealsey

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