Sunday, June 15, 2014

Over Coming Fear

Over Coming Fear

Destroying Fear through Covenant Awareness. When you have joined Gods family of believers you enter into a agreement called a covenant. Fear has no place in us because of our covenant with our heavenly father. 

Covenant is a foundation of everything God does, He is a covenant making - and covenant keeping God.  Our Covenant with God ; How it all started. Journey back to the garden of eden and look why the whole thing got started. God created mankind and give him dominion over everything on the planet; Unfortunately , Adam and Eve foreited  everything that was rightfully theirs when they disobeyed God(Gen.3) Satan enter the garden began speaking to Eve and this contradicted what God said, they took the bait . One act of selfishness cost them everything. Adam had Authority on the tip of his tongue,  the spirit of fear corrupted everything. God had a plan in place to redeem man, Jesus was the answer! 

Where we fit in is our relationship with Jesus Christ  , by faith is what connects us to the blessings of the covenant of Abraham Gal.3:7-9 . Fear Tolerated is Faith Contaminated.  Since fear  and faith operate by the same principles and are supernatural connectors , satan knows there is nothing he can do to change the way things work.Keeping our faith pure is going to take effort on our part.  Building Confidence in the Covenant. Building confidence doesn't just happen over night,  rehearsing the word is key to getting rid of fear and building up faith.God wants his covenant to become part of our spiritual system.  Refuse to Worry.  Matt.6:25 read  , When you give so much mental energy to concerns that you began to worry, you have opened the door for enemy.The greatest fear satan wants you to believe God want come through for you in the word , Keep His promises.He accomplishes this by speaking to our hearts and minds with negative words, then if left unchecked  worry is the result. He has our back, when negative thoughts come 2Cor.10:5 cast them out.

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  1. Great words of wisdom Kathy! It starts out as a negative thought, we dwell on it, bathe it in fear and it becomes a full blown panic!!!! We must FOCUS only on God's word and NOT on this evil world! It's the battlefield of the mind! You are so right.... Cast all negative thoughts down in Jesus name :) Pamela Britt Malone