Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Community in a Christians life is an important thing!

Community -people with common background: a group of people with a common background or with shared interests within society

There are all kinds of great scriptures on community in the Bible! I am not sure what kind of church you may go to, or even where you might be from, but you need to be involved in the community of a local church!

Acts 2:42

All the believers devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching, and to fellowship, and to sharing in meals (including the Lord's Supper), and to prayer.

When you share your life in a community of believers it makes life so much easier! One if the tricks the devil likes to use on believers is: your problems are worse than everyone else's. I mean the devil will have you believing that there is no other believer in the world suffering as horribly as you are. Most of the time this is just a trick of the enemy. Community is the antidote to this age old trick.

If you are involved in a community of believers it is easy to see that everyone has battles. No two people are alike so it might not be the exact same situation, but I would be willing to promise you, you will find someone BATTELING something similar to you that you can relate to. Through Gidly fellowship you will be able to bring them strength and comfort and they will to you like wise. That is the way God designed it!

Being heavily involved in church function for several years one of the transformations that is the most noticeable and rewarding is the growth of community in ones life. It blesses my heart to see someone open up to community, find a group they feel comfortable with, open up to that community, and become family! You can just see the difference on someone's face when they are involved and feel involved. It can make the world of difference!

I hope you are involved in a community of believers that you feel comfortable with, but if not be open to it! It's ok to let people in! Joyce Meyer said a quote the other day that really hit home. She said, "it's ok to admit your not ok." It's ok!!!!!!! Everyone struggles.  If you are already involved in a community of believes I encourage you to encourage someone else this week. Some people have a harder time fitting into a community. Make the extra effort.  If you notice someone not really fitting in at your church take them under your wing. Bring community to them! It only takes two to make a group to have a community!

Thanks souch for taking time to read this today!

If for some reason you life is just really lacking in community and you feel like you have no one contact me! catmalonesellers@yahoo.com

I'll be your two!

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  1. I love this devotion Mary Catherine. My Church family is my family. They are my best friends in Church and outside of Church! They have seen me through thick and thin. As a Christian I have grown closer to them and gotten to know them better on a one to one sitting in our Church's small groups throughout the week. I always tell visitors at Awakening Life that the only problem they will have today is they will be hugged too much!!! LOL!!! That is the way we are. That is what it is all about.... the LOVE OF JESUS FLOWING FREELY!!! Oh I truly pray everyone has the same great feeling as I do in my Church Community! It is a GREAT feeling to be so loved by God and Church family!!! Pamela Britt Malone