Sunday, May 25, 2014

Romans 8:38-39 “For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”
Nothing in this world can separate us from the love of God! Nothing can take that away from of us! However, we can walk away from it. We can abandon it. If we don't hold tight to our God and remain Christ-minded in all things and situations. Our flesh becomes stronger than our spirit. Our very own flesh betrays us and we walk away from our God and the love that is our salvation!
The love of God, in Jesus Christ, by grace, is ours! For eternity! Nothing can snatch us from His hands! We have to love God! We have to be desperate for Jesus! When we feel the pull of the world growing stronger on us; when we feel ourselves slipping deeper and deeper into the corruption that surrounds us, we needn't feel helpless! The truth is, the love Jesus is stronger than any pull our hold this world has on us! We simply have to snap out of the deception that satan has us in and realize that with Jesus we can over come anything; any bondage; any sin; any stronghold!
 Even if it doesn't seem like much of a stronghold. Maybe satan is just keeping you busy. Too busy to go to church, bible study, or just to simply read your bible for a few minutes everyday. This is a lie. It's a very clever deception because it's not really defined as sinful. You just have to take your kids to ball practice. Or you've just been so busy with so much all week with work and kids that you're going to sleep in this Sunday. No real sin here, right? Well, then it snow balls in to more excuses and more missed time with God; much-needed time at His feet missed. Then the next thing you know you're watching horror movies, and listening to secular music. Now you're not reading your bile every other day or even every week. Things are getting out of control and you don't realize how quickly or how badly things have gotten. All because you were busy; too busy. It won't get better until you realize nothing is more important than maintaining your relationship with God! I mean think about a relationship; a marriage. You have to maintain the romance, you know, that 'loving feeling'. If you don't actively maintain it, one day you wake up and you don't even really know the person you're laying next to any more. That is if your blessed enough that they are still there.     
We have the power to overcome through Jesus! He has already concurred! He is in control of all things. We simply have to surrender ALL things to Him. Our schedules, our finances, our sinful nature, our marriages, our relationships, our children; Everything! If we give all things to Him, NOTHING can keep us from His love and mercy! I thank God for His amazing love and His many promises outlined in His Word! I hold tight to them tonight and always! He loves us so much! He wants to do so much for us. We just have to let Him!
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  1. The entire world is too busy and you are correct it is his major toolbto keep us away from the importance of being closer than ever to Christ! I love you very much! I miss you!!! Pamela Britt Malone

  2. Oops- satans major tool