Sunday, May 18, 2014

Life Lessons in Little League

Colossians 3:17 (NLT)
17And whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through him to God the Father. 

My son is ten years old. He has played baseball for four years now. He is not the best player on his team. He probably isn't even in the top 5. Sometimes, I almost wish he would just hang up his baseball cap all together. However, between him and his daddy, that is not going to happen any year soon. He has played football longer and is much more talented when playing on the grid iron.
He tends to be rather negative just in general. It urkes me to my core! However, it's difficult for me too be too hard on him about it because I know exactly where he gets it from. I won't be too specific here but I will say it was past down on the paternal half of his DNA, but that's a whole other devotion. Anyway, for whatever reason it really bothers me when he makes excuses for striking out or any other random errors in baseball. But, it goes further than excuses; it's whining, bad attitude, not doing his best, slacking, etcetera. So I finally decided it was time to discuss it and see if we could correct the issue. 

I won't go into all the details of what he said was his reasoning behind his terrible actions. But,  will tell you that there was nothing that could not be neatly fit under the heading of "Excuses". I let him finish giving me his side of things. I sat there for a moment; and as usual, all that came to my mind to say to him was scripture; the above scripture as a matter of fact. Now, Micheal is a very soft-hearted, thoughtful, and (I don't think its a stretch or untruth to say) extremely worrisome little boy. He wants deeply to please God and to do right by Him. He, as all of us do, forgets to stay mindful of this desire. But if you put him in remembrance of it, and give him scripture, he quickly shows remorse and repents. I told him the scripture and told him how it doesn't matter if we are scooping poop off the sidewalk, cleaning our own bedrooms, or playing Yahtzee; we are to do it as though God, Himself, has directly charged us with that task. Do it to the degree that God will be pleased by our actions, our workmanship, and/or our sportsmanship! I explained to him that it did not mean we have to always win. It just meant that no matter what happens at the end of the game, our actions throughout the game simply point people to Jesus. That our efforts and our attitude would only bring God glory! Win or lose, it is simply how you play the game! Go through this game of life in such a away that it moves the Maker of the Stars to show you favor! Tie goes to the runner.... no. Tie goes to the one who plays for God! 

I'm pretty sure that our discussion has helped Micheal to a great extent! I think it put things in prospective for him. It gave a whole new reason to swing for the fence! Since it helped him so, I thought that there may be more people out there who could benefit from this lesson from little league. I hope this blessed you in some way! If you need prayer or if there's anything else I might can help you with, contact me at 

Thank you and be blessed!




  1. I love your devotions. They always touch my heart. One of the many reasons I love to read them is because you are honest and real. Awakening Life loves your 4 precious children. They are all gifts from God :) Pamela Britt Malone

  2. Thank you Pam! I always look forward to reading your comments. They are always so encouraging! Thank you! Love you!