Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Let Your Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fear

Psalm 118:6 "The LORD is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?"

Until this past weekend I've never been away from my parents for a long amount of time & I definitely haven't been away from my children. I would get too home sick & worry too much. 
With that being said, my husband & I just took a four night five day anniversary trip. The first night I was absolutely terrified. I had nothing but negative thoughts & I was so afraid something bad would happen. I thought every noise I heard was some murderer who was surely going to kill both of us & I would never see my children again. Terrible, I know, but I was so scared!! I made my husband check under the beds, the closets, & I even pushed the couch in front of the door! I prayed to God to protect us (and I'm ashamed to admit this) but I didn't actually put all my trust in Him. I wanted Him to just make the fear go away without me believing it really would. 
Then He spoke to me! "HELLO!! Kasey!!! Have I ever let you down? Your fear is absolutely nothing but satan himself trying to steal your joy away!!" That's when it hit me!! My husband & I had been blessed with a trip together & I refused to let the devil take my happiness away. Instead of letting my fear run away with me, I let my faith be so much bigger than my fear!! This goes for anything going on in our lives!! NEVER let fear take over your life!! Let your faith be so much bigger! Turn everything over to The Lord, & let Him handle all your fear!! 

This devo was written by Kasey Brown 


  1. Awe... Baby this is just what I need today :) Beth Reed our Small Group Pastor said today that I needed to take 1 minute of my day and read this devotion . First I would like to tell you that FEAR is a spirit! All my life I had terrible fears! I remember all the way back to 5 thinking I am the first bedroom down the hall... The robbers will come in and kill me first. These fears continued until fear was controlling my life completely!!! One day I was so fed up that I went to someone's home in Texas and I was delivered from the spirit of fear :) NOW... That does not mean I don't have to say my fear scripture several times a day or remind the devil that I have been delivered and I will never return again...NO!!! I will always come against it in Jesus name! Second, my precious daddy is in the hospital. The doctors and this world system reminds me that this does not look good. Truly I am so exhausted that my ears hear what they are saying but my spirit knows MY GOD and I know the bible says my daddy is healed by the stripes of Jesus!!!! Oh my little you have blessed my soul tonight. Please pray for my dad :) Pamela Britt Malone