Saturday, May 17, 2014

I will follow you.....

    There is no particular bible verse that I can list for this blog because I would have at least 20. (Ha!) However, I would like to focus on one simple phrase. "I will follow you".
    The disciples made that statement when Jesus called them to follow Him. Various people within Jesus ministry said the exact same thing. Why? Because they had an encounter with Him. That encounter made them drop everything they were doing and go fervently towards God. 
    I recently had an encounter with a co worker of mine (and by recently I literally mean two hours ago. Ha!) that made me stop and think. He isn't a believer but he believes in the existence of the Almighty God. There are several reasons as to why but without going into detail, he was of the Masonic variety. It was actually a very educational conversation for myself, but I took something deeper away from it. My friend was so passionate about his brotherhood and his beliefs. He is, to say the least, an intellectual who is very educated in many different religions. 
    As the conversation went on, we discussed several different aspects of Christianity, other religions, and how he believes that they all point to God. He shared some personal things with me about his teenage years and how he had a life altering experience. "He literally felt the presence of the Almighty Creator", he said. Then he began to tell me how that opened the door to his current belief system and his choice of societal membership. He called it "his path" in life. 
    The conversation was very respectful and he did not "bash" the fact that I believed differently than him. Actually, the conversation opened the door for me to plant seed in his life. I wish you could've been there because this just scratches the surface, however, out of respect for my new friend I'm not going to go any further into detail. 
    The thing that stuck out to me the most was his passion in his beliefs. With conviction, the conversation ended with him telling me that "He was just a servant of the Almighty Creator and his hope was in God". "One day I hope to pass from this life into that lodge in the sky", were his last words. 
    It's obvious that I don't agree with everything this guy has to say; both to him and you guys. However, this guy was so passionate about his ideaology that he will literally follow it until his last breath. Of course I will continue pouring into him and planting seeds, but let's get back to the passion factor. 
    Everyone that had an encounter with Jesus was forever changed and with conviction they made a choice to passionately follow Christ. Peter did it, along with the other eleven disciples, and Paul went to his gruesome death with it. 
    We have all had an encounter with Christ. We all KNOW without a shadow of a doubt who our Father is. If you don't, then I greatly encourage you to find out because IT IS WONDERFUL! 
    My new friend taught me a lesson tonight. In his beliefs, some of which were kind of out there, he completely revolutionized my perspective on what those words I will follow you meant. So today friends, I encourage all of us to passionately follow God with all of our hearts. I don't mean the cliche of what that term has become. I mean just as the disciples did, just as the woman with the issue of blood did, just as Paul did. I encourage us to passionately race after Christ and with as much conviction as humanly possible and say, "WE WILL FOLLOW YOU GOD!" Until our last breath or until you bring us home. We will follow you! 

    The Holy Spirit dropped this into my spirit on my ride home and I pray it is an encouragement to you today as well. The Lord spoke to me and said, "What if every single one of my children walked with conviction and passion as this guy does. What if there was a complete absence of complacency and everyone dropped denominational and religious boundaries and simply said I will follow you." He also said, "It starts with one then overflows into the next". 
    I know this encounter was definitely 99% for me. But I want us all to be encouraged and follow after Christ passionately because WE CAN and WE ARE making a difference in our town and county. We are producing spiritual fruit, so be encouraged and let's dive even deeper and follow more passionately than we ever have. Just like the people in the days of the bible. 

    Father, show me what it means to follow you with more passion than ever. Show me deeper things in the spirit, speak to me through your spirit, and revolutionize my walk with you. I don't want to grow stagnant. I don't want to be complacent, but I want to follow you, Father. I am yours. Your kingdom come and Your will be done in my life and the life of everyone reading this blog. 

I love you guys!!!
Thanks for reading!!!

-Kyle Bolton-

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  1. I will follow The Lord all the days of my life! Great devotion Kyle. I pray each day of your work you will be able to minister to this man. I will be in prayer. God directs our paths and has placed you there for this very reason. Proud of you for planting seeds and watering them each day! Jesus is Lord! Pammie Malone