Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Church Problems 101

Church Problems 101

I was speaking with a friend from work earlier today about devotion topics. She mentioned writing about overcoming church problems. I thought this was a great idea! As a Pastor's wife for the past 5 years and Youth Pastor's wife for 3 years I could probably write a whole series on this subject.

One of the main things, I think, to keep in mind when dealing with the delicate situation of church problems is this: We are humans, and when you deal with people there is always going to be problems. It's how you deal with the aftermath of the problem that makes or breaks a church. It's the deciding factor - wether you treat your church family like family or like church family.

You want them to treat you like family and in return you need to want to treat them like family. That is what church is all about.

Matthew 12:49-50 ESV

And stretching out his hand toward his disciples, he said, “Here are my mother and my brothers! For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother.”

Life is messy sometimes. And I don't know the particular dynamics of your personal family, but family is messy. I grew up one of three girls, it got messy sometimes. I married a wonderful man who has the call of The Lord on him, and we operate at the church AwakeningLife in very close quarters with our family. It gets messy sometimes. Family gets messy! Family is loud and outspoken and in each other's business all the time. You tell each other what you think. You might even argue. You might disagree on some things. You might not always get along.

There is this thing about family that's universal though. Most normal families go through all the "mess," and then an amazing thing happens. They make it through it to the other side. And the huge kicker - they are still family! They don't disown each other and change their last name. They somehow always find a way to work past their differences. You see, they are family and they love each other. Like family should. They learn from their mess. They learn to make room for imperfections. They learn to pull the good out of any situation and move on. They learn to genuinely love. They learn how to function as one family unit.

Why should church be any different? I don't think it should be. Jesus said Himself: Here are my brothers and Mother. Anyone who does the will of my Father are my brothers, sisters, and mother.

He didn't say they are like. He said they are.

So if you have been involved in a church conflict, or if there was a massive church blow up at your church, or if you have any kind of issues going on at your church, consider this point of view.

How you deal with the aftermath of the problem, that is what makes or breaks a church. It's the deciding factor - wether you treat your church family like family or like church family.

It's ok for family to get messy. What did you learn from it? How can you grow together and make something beautiful out of it again? How can you learn to do life together? That is what family does!

We all mess up here and there - it's what you make out of the mess that separates your church from the rest.

Thanks so much for reading this devotion! I love to minister with people one on one! And I would love to minister to you if you are a church leader going through a hard time! I've been there and I have a heart for you! Contact me at


  1. Awesome word! This is a huge problem that goes on in churches! Everyone expects the church to be perfect and they get angry when things don't go their way, but if they viewed the pastor and his staff and members as true family, they would forgive each other's faults and move on!! Just like they do with their own blood family!

  2. Thanks Mags! It is so true! There is always going to be issues when dealing with people. It is how you deal and what you do after! I'm proud to know I serve at a church that works with these type of leadership qualities!

  3. I loved your devotion Mary Catherine. Gran always says that church family is real family and we should always stick closer than ever. Jesus is coming soon!!! WE AINT GOT TIME FOR ALL OF THAT!!!! Pamela Britt Malone