Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Battle Royale

         Living in the middle of the Bible Belt can be a difficult thing sometimes. A lot of tradition and doctrine come into play resulting in a very religious demographic of people. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN SAID DEMOGRAPHIC. I want you guys to know that  I'm not making any accusations or "throwing daggers at the church," if you will. However, religious activity is still a very real thing. People are still being chastised in our churches for dating/marrying people of opposite races. People aren't reaching out to the addicted. People are shunning homosexuals. People are going crazy with judgement because a Church of God person married a Baptist person and "justifying" their case because the Bible says to not be unequally yoked. (I encourage you to read 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 in the KJV and see what is actually being said about that particular subject.) Denomination and denominational doctrine was never in God's plan for His children. That was man-made my friends.

       It's this kind of religious activity that is endangering the children of God. It has become literally a Battle Royale between the truth of God's word and man-made misconceptions of God's word. If religion and all the things therein were ordained by God, then why has it caused so much division? The Bible specifically says in 1 Corinthians 14:33, "For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in ALL the churches of the saints." It's not just these things though. These are but mere examples. The enemy is at work in marriages, finances, and anything else he can get his hands on. It's also addiction, abuse, neglect, atheism, agnosticism, generational curses, oppression, depression, and many more. The traditionalism in the church is a ripple in the water, but they also go hand in hand. It's a package deal of everything. If the enemy can maintain the religious deception he's put in the minds of believers, then the unbelievers just stay where they are because they either don't want to get hurt or don't want to get judged by the believer, and the believer doesn't reach out to the unbeliever. It's a perfect stalemate of inactivity at both ends of the spectrum which is exactly what the enemy wants. 

         The fact is, my friends, that we are in a war. The root of everything that I've talked about is as simple as the enemy doing his best to divide ALL of God's children, both believer and non-believer. The enemy is powerless, so he uses the only tool he can, deception. If the enemy can divide the children of God, then nothing happens. That's his goal. He can't do anything about who has been saved, but he can try his hardest to prevent it from happening again. 

       My goal with this blog was not to "ruffle feathers." However, there is an issue, and we must be aware of what the enemy is trying to do on both sides because our fleshly minds are not exempt from the enemy's attempt to deceive us. So how do we combat this Unholy War of the enemy? We combat it the only way we can, in spirit. I encourage all of us to read like we've never read before, pray like we've never prayed before, worship like we've never worshipped before, and love like we've never loved before because just as I said earlier, the enemy is powerless! We are victorious! 

      Father, I rebuke the attack of the enemy on the mind of both believer and non-believer. I command traditionalism to stop and an overwhelming pouring out of your Holy Spirit come in its place. I declare and decree that oppression must stop, depression must leave, and the bonds of marriage be made stronger in the lives of those nearing divorce. I pray that the cloud that hovers over our county is penetrated by Your light. I declare that the contracts the enemy has deceptively made in the minds of the people are null and void, and I speak freedom and joy into the lives of Your children, Father. Deceiver you must leave! In Your holy name Father, Amen!

Thanks for reading guys!
I love y'all!

-Kyle Bolton-


  1. Love that you pray at the end of your devotions :) I was pleased about some of the churches in our area getting together for a men's fellowship. Praying it will become more and more common. Awakening Life is in! :)))) Pamela Britt Malone

  2. This makes me think of my on going debate with a friend about the red back hymnal. As long as we worship HIM it doesn't matter if it come from the book or the overhead as long as it's from the heart!!