Sunday, April 20, 2014

Silly rabbit, this Sunday is for Jesus!

I'm sure I'm fixing to upset several people here. However that is not my intent. My intent is to educate and inform with the truth! Listen with an open mind. Be slow to offend. Here we go:

Here at the Hester household, we do not "do" the "easter bunny".  As a matter of fact, we do not even call it "Easter". We call it Resurrection Sunday. "Gasp!" I know. As you catch your breath and compose yourself I'll explain our reasoning. 

Have you ever wondered why the mascot, for the day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, is a rabbit? What does a rabbit have to do with Jesus?  Nothing. Ever wondered why the rabbit brings baskets with eggs in them? Rabbits don't even lay eggs. Ever wondered where the word "easter" came from? It's not even in the Bible. 

Now let me blow your mind. Easter comes from the Greek root word eostre that is actually the name of a pagan goddess. She was said to be the goddess of FERTILITY. Uhmmm, interesting. Now, what are rabbits notorious for? Multiplying quickly; rapid reproduction; having countless offspring; or, to put it simply, being FERTILE. What is another symbol of fertility? Oh, yes....eggs! Of course! Even the baskets have a tie to fertility. What was the stork said to bring babies in? Exactly, baskets. 

Now, If you don't believe me, research it. Please. I did. 3 years ago my husband and I research all the major holidays that we've always celebrated. The three most popular ones all had very heavy pagan roots. The most disturbing part was that the pagan parts have become the most celebrated parts of Christian holidays. Christmas and Easter are all about a fat guy with a sack of toys and an overgrown bunny with a basket of candy and eggs. 

A very precious and biblically wise lady I know, teaches that for everything God has an original for, satan has a counterfeit. Satan has these counterfeits to take the focus off of what is good and true and of God. He is, after all, the great deceiver. And let me say, he has been successful thus far. For many years, I fed into it. My husband and I "did" santa for our kids, we took them trick or treating, and we "did" the easter bunny. Never questioning any of it. Blindly being led as sheep to a slaughter. Until one day, that precious little lady, Mavalean Britt, shook up my world and pulled the wool out from over my eyes with a Sunday school lesson about the evils and the history of halloween. After that we began to question them all and did our own research. As a result we no longer do santa clause, halloween, or the easter bunny. 

If it doesn't glorify God and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us, why do it? And even more so, if it glorifies a false god, why would you, as a Christian, participate in it? What you did before, when you were ignorant of the truth, you won't be judged for. But to continue when you have been made aware, you will be made accountable for it. Don't glorify this false pagan goddess any longer! Only glorify the one true God and the son He sacrificed in your place so that you could be saved from eternal damnation! Praise God! He is good! Hallelujah! Amen! 


  1. Chassidy, I am so proud of you! Although me and you are blessed to go to an amazing non judgemental church who truly loves people; it is never easy for me to write in a devotion or tell the world my strong beliefs in Christ! People are so judgemental towards me and say I am so silly! At work Saturday more time was discussed about what the Easter Bunny was bringing than about going to Church or HE IS RISEN !!! So thankful that you care more about pleasing our FATHER than the world! So glad we are Church family!!! You are a GREAT mom, Chassidy Hester :) Pamela Britt Malone