Sunday, March 16, 2014

Your Will Lord, Not Mine!

Teach me to do thy will; For thou art my God: Thy Spirit is good; Lead me in the land of uprightness. (Psalm 143:10 ASV)

Another of You-version's "verses of the day"! This is kind of funny, and extremely awesome! I was thinking of this topic when I was trying to figure out what I was going to write about for my devotion for today. But I quickly put it out of my mind because I know I've already written about this subject before. The funny thing was when I went to my bible app to find inspiration in the Word, the verse for today was on the subject I had been thinking about. Which was "God's will"! So I decided it must have been His will for me to write about this tonight.

I don't suppose one can say too much about the will of God. After all His ways are higher than our ways and His will is perfect!

The above verse is the everyday cry of my spirit, "Teach me Your will oh God! You are so good and I want so much to please You!" That should be our aim as Christians, to remain in His will. If only more of us did. Notice, I did say "us". Because while it is the cry of spirit to do these things, I often find myself trying to do things "my" way; my sloppy, silly, childish, foolish, shamefully-imperfect way. I know God's will and His ways are flawless. But I, all too often, forget that I truly have no idea what I'm doing in this life! That is, when I try to do things without Him!

Seek God's face in everything you do! Work on nothing more than pleasing Him, and NO ONE but Him! Such a simple logic that is so hard for us to follow. But we must try harder to please God! And in pleasing Him we will find that other things in our lives will work out as well! When you put God first, the other parts of your life will follow in perfect unison! So join me today in making the goal of your everyday to please God and follow His perfect will!

Thank you for reading my Devo today! I hope it blessed you in some way! If you need or want to contact me for any reason email me


  1. Thank you Chassidy . Also my hearts desire to be in the perfect will of our Father! I never want to be at the wrong place at the wrong time or out of God 's will or in His way at anytime ! Pamela Britt Malone