Saturday, March 1, 2014

Friends, Family, and Fun Little Nephews....

     As I sit here pondering what to write about in my first blog entry, the concept is very simple. It's almost kind of trivial and may seem like a small cop out. However, my heart is far from mediocrity in the matter. My heart is quite full of joy, happiness, and peace. My heart is overflowing with love. I am 100% at peace with where The Lord has brought my life.
     As I sit here writing this blog, my beautiful wife is wrestling around with my sweet little nephew, Micah. My best friend Adam Harris is sitting directly to my left munching down on some Little Caesars Pizza. Over a slice of Italian Cheesy Bread, I am typing away on my laptop. You may think, "this is quite a bit of distraction". Any other day, you would be right. Today isn't one of those days, however. Today is a day where all of these things come alive in my heart and my spirit fills with joy.
      As I listen  to my best friend, Adam Harris, make his pizza sound absolutely amazing, sarcastically spoken of course, and I hear my wife singing to my nephew, it leads me into another thought process. It leads me to think of the fact that I am a worship pastor now, that I have a completely new church family, how me and Megan haven't been going to AwakeningLIFE very long, but it feels like we have been there for an eternity. It leads me to think about the people there and how since day one me and Megan have felt so welcomed by them. It leads me to think of Paw Paw and Gran Gran and how every Sunday after service paw paw comes and gives me a hug and says, "It sounded great this morning son". It makes me think of the seemingly infinite wisdom that comes  from both of them. I could literally talk to them for hours, and I've had the opportunity to do that on a couple of different occasions, not necessarily for hours, but long enough.
       Within these same thought processes, I think about the sheer attack of the enemy on mine and Megan's life. The last couple of months have been ridiculously crazy. I know the enemy did not "kill" my mother, but he sure has given my mind a fit about it. I've had feelings pop up that I haven't struggled with in years. I've felt depression, anger, and even been extremely prideful at times. I haven't had these emotions in years! I know that may seem like a "bold" statement, but these are things Holy Spirit revealed to me would be the downfall of myself a long time ago. Therefore, I have made a genuine effort to stay away from those mindsets. I've been successful, praise God, simply because it has been Him that has delivered me from those snares of the mind.
         There has been such a clash of emotions ever since me and Megan took leadership of the worship team. Trust me when I say,  I have felt like the biggest failure since this whole thing started than I have ever felt in my life. It has felt like a cloud hovering over me and weighing me down. The good news is, however, I know exactly where those mindsets come from. Whether or not I actually am failing miserably at being a worship pastor (HAHA!!!), I know that all these thoughts are bred by the enemy and I have rebuked them and cancelled those agendas and agreements put forth by the enemy. He has NO POWER!!!!  
         Things may seem hard right now, circumstance may be nipping at your heals. Our God says to count it joy though because through this He will be glorified. How do we know? Jeremiah 29:11 says, "for I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans for you to prosper not to bring you harm. Plans for a hope and a future". The Lord has the say in the end if we will let Him. When we realize the moments that are the hardest are simply attempts of the enemy to tear us down, then we can count it all as joy. Be joyful in everything because God has a plan and His word never returns void. We have a HOPE for a FUTURE!
          Grasping this revelation will bring you back the peace you haven't felt in what seems like an eternity. Grasping this will revolutionize your faith and your worship. I know that to be a fact because it did me. Now, I can look at my beautiful wife holding my sweet nephew as they sleep on the couch and see not only a sweet picture, but the divine evidence of the beauty in my life. I can reflect on my church family and start adding together all the things I stated earlier and see that I am in the absolute center of Gods will for mine and my family's life. The enemy has attacked so hard because he has seen the things that my flesh couldn't see. He has caught a glimpse of where we're going. So I can boldly say that I count every attack as joy and every stumbling block as joy because I, having aligned myself with the spirit of God, have gained revelation of what God is doing in our lives. I absolutely love my life right now and wouldn't trade it for anything. "Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders. Let me walk upon your waters, wherever you would call me." That is my prayer, but understand, when you pray that prayer and you move to deeper waters, there will be deeper attack. Count it all as joy though because that just means you're moving in the right direction. That is my revelation from Holy Spirit for the week. It's funny what thought processes can come from simply watching your friends, family, and fun little nephews. :) Love you guys!


  1. I love when people share their hearts with the world. I do wonder when people that have loved ones to leave us why they always say that The Lord needed another angel to help Him in Heaven. I do think every evil thing the devil has to throw against us; God will turn it to good. Your mother Kyle was a very strong warrior in Christ. She was and is so very proud of her son. We love you and Megan at Awakening Life! You both are such a precious blessing! Always remember...different levels....different devils. I believe with my entire heart that is true. Now is the time for all of us warriors to bind together in Christ and get the work done here on earth. Jesus is coming soon!!!! Time is short!!! People are lost!!! Thank you and Megan for working so hard for God . We all are learning to fight back the enemy. Thank God we attend a strong Word Based Church :) Pamela Britt Malone