Sunday, March 9, 2014

Be Bold in Ministry

Then I heard a voice. It said "Son of man stand up I have something to say to you."

Ezekiel 1

The book of Ezekiel is so powerful! If you have never read it you should dive in and study it! When I read it I can't help to read it as instructions to ministry. Ezekiel was a prophet that saw the Glory of God. God spoke with him and gave him instructions and visions for him to relay to the Israelites.

He had a really tough job assignment and God gave him instructions on how to minister his word.

Tell them, ‘This is the Message of God, the Master.’ They are a defiant bunch. Whether or not they listen, at least they’ll know that a prophet’s been here. But don’t be afraid of them, son of man, and don’t be afraid of anything they say. Don’t be afraid when living among them is like stepping on thorns or finding scorpions in your bed. Don’t be afraid of their mean words or their hard looks. They’re a bunch of rebels. Your job is to speak to them. Whether they listen is not your concern. They’re hardened rebels.

Ezekiel 2

We can learn and apply so much from this. Don't ever be mundane when it comes to the ministry of the Lord. Whether you think they will receive it or not if God has spoken to you about it it is your job to speak to them. God says do not be afraid of them. God says don't be afraid of their mean words or hard looks.

We have to be sensitive to the Spirit of God working and revealing in our lives. Don't ever brush off the urging or warning of the Holy Spirit. Also never be superficial with the Holy Spirit and say it is Him when you really haven't heard from Him. Be bold in your ministry but also make sure you are truly being led by the Holy Spirit!

Whenever you hear me say something, warn them for me. If I say to the wicked, ‘You are going to die,’ and you don’t sound the alarm warning them that it’s a matter of life or death, they will die and it will be your fault. I’ll hold you responsible.

Ezekiel 3

Are you sensitive enough to the Holy Spirit you could hear the warning? If you heard it would you sound the alarm?

Mary Sellers

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  1. This is so true Mary Catherine. The Holy Spirit told two church members, (one of them was me) to pray over our Pastors and families at the alter before you left for Disney. One church member did pray over you at the alter but we both were instructed to pray for the two families! Out of ...I am not sure how the congregation would feel about praying over people getting to go to Disney, I stepped over The Holy Spirit and ignored :( I prayed but God wanted all of Awakening Life to pray. God is faithful and even though God blessed miraculously and little Shepherd had a trip in the ambulance; I have asked for forgiveness for not being BOLD and doing what I was instructed to do by The Holy Spirit! GREAT DEVOTION! A reminder to do what you are instructed and BE BOLD IN MINISTRY! Pamela Britt Malone