Friday, January 17, 2014

Where He Leads Me I Will Follow


1 Thessalonians 5:7
Pray without ceasing.

When I was a little girl, Pastor Wallace York of the Julian Baptist Church would ask my daddy to lead us out in prayer... and when he did...I would beam with joy! Forty plus years has gone by; I now realize that was my very first experience with corporate prayer.

Preaching, teaching and prayer is a top priority in a healthy Church. Praying together is a vital key to opening up God's very presence in our lives!

The apostles learned the importance of praying from the Master Himself, JESUS CHRIST! It is plain to see.... A CHURCH THAT PRAYS TOGETHER....STAYS TOGETHER!

I am ever so grateful for my sweet Church Family! I am thankful that I attend a Church that knows the importance of prayer and the true meaning of unconditional love :)

The unity and bond that you form with your Church Family can not be broken. Church Family will see you through when no one else will. They will stand in the gap for you when the going gets tough! In the hard struggles of your life they will be with you, holding your hand, praying for you when you feel that you can not pray for yourself!

I have found that loyalty, love and trust flows freely within the circle of my precious Church Family.

At this point in my life I find no reason for people to continue to change Church's! Am I saying that my Church is  perfect? Of course not, but what I am saying is I do deeply love everyone that goes there! I am positivity saying that I am rooted and grounded in God's LOVE and NOT rooted and grounded in man!!!

Ever notice that Church's in todays society are full of excuses? Excuses will always be made up for the "pure de ole lazy!" Yep... Church 'folk' make up all kinds of crazy excuses of why they were not in attendance!

Sadly, not every Christian attends Church on a regular bases and even more sad... not every Church Member will get involved enough to know the joy of being a part of a close Knit Family :(

You could search the world over and never find the perfect place! No blood family is perfect so why would we ever think Church Family would be? God works among His people in unique ways. Everyone has major flaws! IT'S OK TO BE DIFFERENT!!!

When something goes wrong within the four walls of your Church, pick yourself back up, forgive and walk on!!! Time is short! The Lord's work is waiting, so focus more on GOD instead of dwelling on yourself!

Jesus said in Mark 3:34 to take up your cross and follow HIM!!! Follow Him in unity with your Church!!! Follow Him in prayer with your Church!!! Follow Him in LOVE!!!

Lean on your Church Family!!! They will be with you every step of the way!!!

Pamela Britt Malone