Wednesday, November 13, 2013

He is an on Time God

I want to start my first devotion with a huge Thank You to everyone who has obeyed The Lord and took time to write here. I start my day reading them and have been blessed and encouraged by every one of them. It has also given me and others the chance to know the heart of the ones who write them.

They have made me think gave me hope and yes made me cry. They also have touched me so deeply that I desire a closer walk with my Jesus!!

I love southern gospel music, there is an old song titled "He's an on time God" do you know how true this really is? One day, we will say it was a day I never want to have ever again!! I really needed to hear from God, for a moment in my stinkin thinkin I thought, He won't care. I was so stupid. I got myself into this I will have to work through it myself. I opened up the the Awakening Life app to read the days devotion. I just had to read the title and my eyes welled up with tears and right then He said to me, "I'm here, I care, I hear you, I love you." Who but God would know what I needed that day at that very hour. The awesome person that wrote it sure didn't. And you know He didn't stop that day. He is still showing me everywhere I turn that He is right here with me and He loves me. You just don't get a better feeling than that.

He is our provider. He supplies all of our needs and knows them before we do. In Genesis 22:13 He provided a ram, in Exodus 16:13,14 He provided quail and mana for the children of Israel. All through the Bible I see time after time how He provided for His children. We are His children too. He can and will do the same for us today. 

I am so thankful for everything He has provided for me. These devotions are also provided by Him for us all. Thanks again to everyone that has written one. You never know who will be touched with the words given to you by the Holy Spirit. 

This devotion was written by Denise Harper. 


  1. Such an awesome devo and a much needed reminder! Thanks Denise for obeying!!

  2. Oh and that song is my Sunday morning alarm!! :-)

  3. Great job Denise! Pammie is so proud of you!!! I get up bright and early to read the word of God in these Awakening Your Day devotionals!! Just like you they jump out and touch me!!! I LOVE this ministry and I am so thankful that God allows us to do it! Pamela Britt Malone