Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Silencing your critics

"God made you as you are to use you as he planned."

Romans 15:7
Accept one another, then, just as christ accepted you in order to bring praise to God.

A persons inherit value and potential don't depend on family background or social status or even what they achieve in life. The way you treat those around you shouldn't depend on their race, handicap, physical apperance or economic status.

"Beauty comes in all ages, color, shapes or forms.God never makes junk"

At some point in our lives we all have felt like we just aren't good enough. We feel rejected and judged by family, friends or spouse. You may feel like you can't ever do anything right at home or work.

Rejection doesn't discriminate it goes after each one of us. I believe the devil works over time to make everyone feel rejected or let down. He preys upon people that have been given spiritual gifts from God so that we may get distracted and truly feel unworthy of our gift or passion.

The devil will put people in our paths to trip us up and put negative thoughts in our minds. He will set up conflict in our hearts so we don't feel "good enough" to persue our talents. Therefore we focus on the negative attention and lose focus on our goal.

Discouraging words, rejection and failure can beat you up so bad that you want to throw in the towel. To avoid the crushing power of the devil you have to use the authority given to you by Christ and put satan in his place!

We as christians sometimes are most guilty of making one another feel rejected or unworthy.

Matthew 5:9 reminds us by saying : you are blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete and fight. Thats when you'll discover who you really are and your place in Gods family.

So we shouldn't fight or compete with other christains. We shouldnt cut one another down but yet build each other up. Be kind and show love and support.

If your not careful you will bite into a bitter mouthful of disappointment. Don't let it ruin your appetite for your lifes purpose. Bitterness pollutes how you precieve everything in life. It will distract and hurt you.

Can you imagine the impact we christains would have on the world if we wasn't so busy fighting among ourselves? We need to try to bring unity to people lives that surrounds us. 
Here are some tips to try.
1. Be humble and encouage others
2. Don't label people
3. Avoid gossip!! Gossip has destroyed friendships,  fueled fueds and divided churches.

With closing this devotional I say learn from failure and rejection. Let them fuel your determination. Hang on to all those negative letters, reports and evaluations. Who knows you may want to frame them one day! Because every failure or let down enriches you as a person. It makes you who you are down the road.

I pray that each person that reads this will know their worth and know God doesn't make mistakes and you was put here on purpose. No matter what you've been through who has told you that your not good enough remember that you are good enough and you do have a purpose because God takes no bodies and makes some bodies;  I'll call the un loved and make them beloved. Romans 9:25.

Written by : Summer Hamilton


  1. Summer this is 2 days in a row from Awakening Your Day that God is trying to get my attention! I do struggle with this :( All I can say about this devotional is..... AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!! NOTHING MORE TO SAY..... It is ALL in this devotional!!! Thank you so much for allowing the Holy Spirit to write this true advice from you! I am sure I am not the only one out there that struggles with this!!!!! Pamela Britt Malone

  2. Thank you pam!! We all struggle with this. Love you bunches!