Sunday, October 13, 2013

Revival Starts with Me

Psalms 85:6
     Won't you revive us again so your people can rejoice in you? 

      The ladies that I work with get into some pretty deep, heated conversations sometimes.They are mostly about politics, family problems and church. I usually try to stay out of it because my opinion is usually completely different than everyone else's and it just saves hard feelings if I don't give it. Well, today, my supervisor said that she hardly ever hears of any churches having big revivals anymore. Everyone chimed in with their reasons why. "People have become complacent with God and think that they don't need a fresh move from him." Or " you just can't find a good preacher who will set our hearts on fire like you used to could." These are just a couple of things that were said and while they might be well and true, why does it take a week long church service to wake us up??     

     As soon as the words left my boss's mouth, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "it's because revival has to start with me!!!" Pastor Ant says all of the time that we don't need some high dollar evangelist to come and start a man made revival. And it's true! We don't!! Revival starts with me! And it starts with you!! It starts when we get on our knees and set everything else aside and seek God's face and all of his goodness and when we open our hearts up to receive the fullness of everything he has for us. 

This devo was written from the revived heart of Maggi Sellers!! I hope you have a great week!! You can follow me on Insta and twitter:) 

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  1. This is true! Revival does start with each of us!!! Don't be a pew sitter in Church or a stick in the mud!! Start a revival in worship!!! Start a revival in your home, your Church, your school, your community!!! Get involved with Jesus today. You will never be sorry you did!!!!! Pamela Britt Malone :)