Saturday, October 12, 2013

Predestined According to a Purpose

In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will. 
                           Ephesians 1:11 (NKJV)

God's power, mercy, and grace,
  Were the truths she would tell.
This is going to be great,
      How could this fail?

She gave it all up,
  And went on the road. 
It was going to be worth it,
  Goodbye career and the humble abode.

Traveling the world,
  To spread the Good News,
She had made HER decision,
  What could she possibly lose?

Without a doubt,
  Her idea would flourish.
No way God would have
   Her become a mere tourist!

Days, weeks, months had passed,
  With very little to show.
And she started to question,
  "Lord, why did I go?"

So she gets on her knees,
 And cries, "I don't understand?"
This is not working
  At all as I'd planned. 

God's answer came back, 
  so simple and true.
Why DID you go?
  I didn't send you.

You created a situation,
 Expecting Me to work through it.
I AM the Creator.
  I decide how to do it!

YOUR plans seemed great
  To the WORLD all around.
But in MY plan and MY will
  Grace will abound.

My plans for you were
  Much more grand.
But you decided to
  Take matters into your own hands.

It was MY plan for you
  To be a wife and mom
To a husband named Scott,
  And a baby named John.

As a family you could have,
  Provided the homeless with classes,
That would have supplied them with Bibles,
  Salvation and hope for the masses.

So she fell on her face,
  And said, "What have I done?"
She wondered what it would be like
  With a husbsnd and son.

If she had asked and confirmed,
  God's will for her life.
She would have saved herself,
  And others much strife. 

God's plan is divine,
 Often providing second chances.
From across a crowded room,
 She and Scott exchange glances. 

God is not obligated to make our plans work. We need to seek His will in our life and follow it. Our very best idea, even with great intentions, pales in comparison to God's plan for us. We are "predestined according to a purpose". We sometimes try to put a plan in place that we think will be best for God, but that is not how it works. God knows the best for us! Let God set the agenda. Who are we to tell God OUR plans. We are not even worthy to make suggestions. I am so thankful God has hiven me second chances. 

I pray God's plan and purpose be revealed to us today. 

Written in service to my first love - Jesus Christ,
Kelli Porter

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  1. Awesome devotion and very much needed! That poem gave me chill bumps! God's ways are higher than our ways!

  2. Very true Kelli!!! Even being a veteran Christian I got myself into doubt and worry this past year. My baby daughter was so different than her Sisters. My oldest girls went to Bevill State Community College here in Jasper and lived at home until the day they married. My daughter Meagan took a different route! She went away to college, established her career and being married for a while seemed put on the back burner!!! She didn't even date an entire year waiting on the plan of God! I tried with all might to not think those negative thoughts that the devil placed in my mind. Thoughts like .... She is getting older.....will God ever send her a Godly man..... Will she ever marry....surely God won't fail her!!!! After not dating an entire year she got a message from an old friend in College at UNA.... Said she was thinking about her Godly cousin and thought about Meagan being a Godly girl ! She set them up on a blind date and they are marring next Summer!!!! Gid's very purpose was for her to be obedient to Him and He was faithful to her!!!! Remember though all the Christian ladies that are still prayerfully waiting on God!!!! It's a hard wait but I pray for their peace this very day and pray with all my heart that their prayers for a Godly husband will be answered soon :) Pamela Britt Malone

  3. Excuse me please - God's