Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Having Hope When Things Seem Hopeless

Lamentations 3:21-22
This I recall to my mind therefore I have hope. Through the Lord's mercies we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. 

As I began to pray and get prepared for this devotion this week I had something totally different in mind but God redirected me to write about something else. God laid this heavily on my heart so I know this is meant for someone to hear.

Back in 2006 one of my dearest friends Tabatha Smith married the love of her life in July and started to try to begin to start a family.  In just a year and half she lost seven babies due to etopic pregnancy. She was diagnosised with tubal disease.

Tabatha and her husband Nick decided to become foster parents.  In 2009 their first child Dylan came into their care and then just a little while later in 2010 God blessed them with Anna Marie and then a year later another blessing was given to them little Noah! 

Tabatha loved these babies from the start as her own. These three babies filled Tabatha's heart with so much love. During this time she would pray and ask God to do his will in their lives. She kept her faith and knew God was leading her right where he wanted her to be. She is an amazing mother to the beautiful children.

I remember countless conversations we would have over the past 7 years some happy and sad but out of every conversation her faith remained strong in God!  She always knew that God was right there with her. God knew the desires of her heart.  He knew that she wanted to carry a baby in her womb. He knew she wanted every experience that a pregnancy has. 

Tabatha recieved two prophecies that God would give her the desires of her heart and the other was the she would have a little girl named Hope! Earlier this year Tabatha started the process of in vitro fertilization.  The first try wasn't successful and neither was the second. 

During the process of their third try God laid heavily on my heart to call Tabatha and speak "life" to her. You know life and death are in the power of the tounge! As I dailed her number that day I could feel the holy spirit directing me. I just knew that what was on my heart was directly from God. As she answered I remember telling her that God wanted her to begin to claim her blessing right now and start thanking him for the healthy baby that was in her belly. 

I told her that God had given her the desires of her heart. We both cried because we knew the holy spirit was there in the midst of our conversation.

You see sometimes we can doubt what Gods will is for our lives because everything on the outside may seem impossible. But Gods will is for you to be happy and have all the desires of your heart. All things work together for the good of those who serve him. He wants to bless you!! You have to claim your blessing and stand strong in your faith and not waiver from it. So don't allow satan to steal your happiness. Don't allow people to speak death or negative things to you. 

After a few days Tabatha called me to tell me the wonderful news that she was pregnant! She is due February 1st 2014. She is expecting a beautiful healthy baby girl who's name is Hope!! You see  all these years God had a specific plan for Tabatha and her family.  He knew that Dylan, Anna Marie and Noah needed her and she needed them. Then he blessed their family with Hope! 

I hope this story can give others hope! Begin to claim your blessings today and stand in faith and know God  will provide. I pray that peace will enter those who are tired if waiting.  I pray they will put all their faith in God and know he is there during their hurt.  Miracles are still available today just like they was in the bible days!! Just remain positive and just believe your miracle is in the making. 

Written by: Summer Hamilton


  1. There are so many women praying for a child. I know this will encourage them. To be honest I have wanted to give up on my desire for a husband and a family of my own! It's so hard to continue to pray after all theses years. This was so encouraging to me. Thanks for listening to God.

  2. A beautiful devotion Summer and written from the Holy Spirit! It is so easy to want to give up. I LOVED the part where you said - don't let people speak death and negative things over you!!!!! Pamela Britt Malone

  3. Thanks girls! Her story is truly inspiring.

  4. I do believe someone really needed to hear this. I also wrote a devotion that has the same underlying situation. It was supposed to have gone up Saturday but was postponed until later in the week. The delay is just one of those instances where Satan tried to put a stumbling block in the way of someone receiving a much needed message and the Holy Spirit prevailed. We apparently both got the same message. Confirmation! Someone somewhere will be touched by this devotion. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that this was completely Spirit led. Thank you for being sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit. I don't know who these devotions(yours today and mine later)are for but I will pray for them with the knowledge that God knows the exact person(s) that was intended to read and be encouraged by them. Awesome words of encouragement!!!! Great job Summer!
    - Kelli Porter

  5. Thank you kelli! The will of God will always overcome any obstacle the devil tries to place in your path!