Friday, September 6, 2013

God's Choice

Psalm 34:17
When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles.
Do you ever plan out your life and actually think it will go as planned? I do this all the time! God’s plans are sometimes different than ours and on this day it was an unusual twist in my life!
I was at work minding my own business when my boss got the call that someone was to go to another branch to help out for the day. When I arrived I knew exactly why I was there. A teller was literally lying on the floor with a fan blowing on her face! She had no more vacation hours and was in hope of a speedy recovery.
We were busy in the morning but even while the teller was lying on the floor sick she somehow managed to complain about her pet. She revealed to us that she hated her dog, only letting the poor little doggie out once a day to use the bathroom. It was pitiful; pure sadness I thought! The more the teller complained and cussed about her dog, the more this old girl prayed! I mainly was asking the Lord to heal her so she might have a better attitude or better than that, I was praying that the Lord would duck tape her mouth! YES, I PRAYED THAT!!! 
I remember telling the Holy Spirit to please ask someone else to adopt the dog; reminding Him that I had already done one good deed by volunteering to help out at that branch for the day! The sick teller did get worse, left for the day and when she was walking out the door I said…”If you ever get rid of your dog, call me.” WHAT DID I SAY??? I could not believe those words came out of my mouth! I regretted volunteering at that branch; I regretted listening to all the negative words the teller had said but most of all I regretted my own words!
I thought and thought about it all the way home. I came up with a genius plan! My oldest daughter was getting married soon and a good pet would be a great idea for the newly married couple. Oddly enough, my soon to be son worked with the tellers husband and he had already been talking to him about taking the dog home!
The next day my daughter and I went to pick up the dog. She was in a tiny cat cage that had been her home for the past 18 months; my heart melted when I saw her. She was beautiful; blonde hair and the prettiest brown eyes ever! She was trembling when I reached into the cage to get her out. I opened the door; gently removed her and she wrapped her little paws around my neck! The language of compassion was spoken that day without a word ever being spoken by me. She looked at me as if to say, rescue me and I looked back at her and thought, you will never be mistreated again.
Her name is Prissy and she has been in our family for over seven years now. The newlyweds did take her home after the honeymoon but she grieved for her mommy and they brought her back home. I am still in the process of working with Prissy; my prayer is that someday she will trust me completely. She is such a precious little dog and is a great comfort and joy to my life!
Every one of us is walking on our own path. Sometimes in life, healing from hurts comes soon and other hurts require more time. TRUST IN THE LORD! If God cared enough to rescue my dog He will defiantly rescue you! LET GO OF THE HURTS IN YOUR PAST and LET GOD RUN YOUR FUTURE!!!
Much love and joy,
Pamela Britt Malone (Instagram-pammiemalone)      


  1. Awe... Thank you Mary Catherine and Cheryl! The Lord has truly blessed me with GREAT Church family! So wonderful to serve Christ with you :)