Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Always Praise ❤

Praise the greatness of our God! He is the Rock, His works are perfect, and all his ways are just.

Deuteronomy 32:3-4

Sometimes it is so easy to forget that praising God is a commandment! Sometimes as humans it is so easy to get caught up in our own problems we forget how great God is. If we have a horrible day or get some bad news it is so easy to forget all about praising God. 

Yesterday was a stressful day for my family. I got a phone call that my daughter had fallen at Pre-School and had hurt her arm. I went into panic mode! We rushed her to the hospital to be examined. Later after x-rays had been finished we found out she had fractured her elbow. I was so upset. As we were leaving the hospital we walked past a room that had a little girl on a hospital bed with at least a dozen nurses and doctors surrounding her. I immediately prayed for the little girl! It really made me realize that my daughters injury could have been a lot worse and I have so much to praise God for. I praise God that it is just a fracture. I praise God that she didn't have to have surgery! I praise God because I know he was with my daughter on the playground yesterday!

We just really need to take the focus off of ourselves and our problems and think about God. We need to remember the accounts in the Bible of how He took care of his people and remember the ways he takes care of us! Think about 
His creation- from the grains of sand to the mountains. God is absolutely amazing!!! Always remember to praise him!!! Through the good and the bad!!

Praise The Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary... praise Him for His acts of power... praise Him with the sounding of the trumpet... let everything that has breath praise The Lord. 

Psalm 150

This devotion was written by Mandy Robertson. I pray we always remember to praise God through the good and the bad! Please comment below!


  1. Yes Mandy, I PRAISE our God that Praislyn Kate is ok!!! Years ago when you were a little girl our friends daughter fell at the beach and broke her arm. I remember when I got the call to meet them at the hospital. They were only on day two of their yearly vacation :( She told me that they lost all of their money they had saved for an entire year for this family vaca. I was so upset that the condo didn't help them by refunding their money and I was so hurt for them that their vacation was ruined!!!! The Lord taught me something from my friend. She said that she had a terrible dream that her daughter had drowned and she was thankful it was only a broke arm!!! We pray and pray and cover ourselves in the blood of Jesus and bind and bind things in Jesus name ! We are suppose to pray all of that but we should always remember our prayers are being answered and many times God saves us from something worse ! Pamela Britt Malone