Saturday, August 17, 2013

Live Long and Laugh

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength.”
-Proverbs 17:22 (NLT)

Have you laughed today?
A friend once asked me, “Nealey, why are you always so smiley and happy??” She almost sounded annoyed with me. So I jokingly said to her, “Well, laughing and smiling comes so naturally that, honestly, I’m a bit too lazy to be sad.” I’m not sure that this was the answer she was looking for, but it brought a smile to her face, nonetheless.

There are many opportunities to smile and even laugh in every day. Happiness and laughter are very important in maintaining a healthy life. Why? Well, the Bible itself says that “a cheerful heart is good medicine...” Still not convinced? Over the years, doctors and healthcare professionals all over the world have reported the benefits of laughter, a few of which are:
Decrease in stress levels
Strengthening of the immune system
Muscle relaxation
Pain reduction
Lower blood pressure
Natural anti-depressant

Amazing what a little happiness can do for you, huh?

You know what they say “Laughter is the best medicine.” These words ring even more true when you couple them with Proverbs 17:22. The Bible is inspired by the greatest doctor of all- God. He is our Great Physician and what is His prescription? Be happy. Cheerfulness is good medicine but a broken spirit makes you weak. Learn to find joy in everything. Learn to laugh in tough or sad situations- especially those involving yourself.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned in life was to learn to laugh at myself. A friend and I were riding down a double lane road when it happened- “Stand By Me” came on the radio. So naturally, we turned the radio up loud and sang at the top of our lungs. A nice looking young fellow drove up in a truck right beside us so what did I do? I turned in his direction, leaned a little towards the window and proceeded to serenade him. The smile on his face was priceless and I could tell he was laughing as he drove away. My friend and I were hysterical with laughter afterwards because of all the wonderful looks we got from people in passing cars. I was later asked, “Don’t you ever get embarrassed when you do that?” “Nope.” I responded, “Just think, I gave that guy something to smile about- he even has a funny story to tell his friends to make them smile. I’m never embarrassed about making someone happy.”

Look at it this way, when you goof up or do something embarrassing, you’ve succeeded in giving people a healthier day just by providing opportunity to laugh.

Don’t take life so seriously, focus on the lighter side of every situation, spend time with children, maybe even subscribe to a joke of the day email or text. If you’re feeling bad, a little laughter may be just what the Great Physician has prescribed.

Have a blessed day!
-Nealey Sims


  1. Great job NeNe! As you know I am in the hospital with our Gran . Gran is the Morher of our Church so all prayers from everyone is appreciated. I LOVE! This is the 3rd time this week I have felt like the Lord was directly talking to our Gran and my family! I read the devotional to her this morning! It is true to be cheerful in all things but I needed to hear the part that HE is the great phyisian!!!!
    Pamela Britt Malone

  2. This is awesome!! My favorite you have written!! We all need to remember to find humor in every situation..