Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spiritual Leaders ❤

Hebrews 13:17
Obey your spiritual leaders, and do what they say. Their work is to watch over your souls, and they are accountable to God. Give them reason to do this with joy and not with sorrow. That would certainly not be for your benefit.

Recently I have been noticing a lack of respect for any type of authority. It really makes me very sad. Think about it, people in general don't respect police men, fire men, or even pastors any more. Several years ago these men and women in these positions were loved and well respected. Well taken care of by the community they lived in. Back in the Bible days the disciples, men of God, were held to such a high regard. 

It shouldn't be any different today! I feel like a Godly respect needs to return to our generation. Where we love, nurture, look up to, and take care of the men and women of God and service men and women in our lives. 

Working at our church I see first hand what it takes to be a Pastor. It's a hard job. It's never ending spiritually and physically. They are held accountable to God. This scripture sums it perfectly "their work is to watch over your souls, give them reason to do this with joy." I really can't even imagine the pressure of this job title. 

So wherever you attend church whoever your Pastor is love him, appreciate him, respect him, be there for him, pray for him daily. If your not doing this you're not upholding your spiritual duties. He has a tough job that some take for granted. He is responsible for watching over your soul, in return we are to make his job joyful!!! There is nothing wrong with cutting your pastor a little slack and telling him how much you really do appreciate his spiritual guidance and let him know you are thankful for the sacrifices he makes for you and your family.

Contact your Pastor today and tell him how much you love him and appreciate the work he does for you and the kingdom of God!!! Send him a card or take him out to lunch. Let him know that he is loved! 

Please comment below and share how this might have impacted you! Your story could impact others!

This devotion was shared from the heart of Mandy Robertson❤


  1. This is so true Mandy. I think sometimes if we have a relationdhip outside the church with our pastor it can be hard to separate the two.They can still be our friend but there is a point where they must be pastor, leader, shepherd to us.And we should respect this!! I also feel like if the pastor is "young" that some people don't show the respect they would someone older. But again he is pastor, leader, shepherd no matter his age. These men of God are on duty 24/7. Most of us can leave our job at 5pm. They can't. If we have an issue or problem anytime of the day or night who do we call?? Our pastor. So let's ALL remember how hard they work and how much they love us. Let's remember them in prayer everyday!!! And just a "Thank You" pastor to let them know they are cared for!!!
    Thanks Pastor Ant and Pastor Tim for the great job you do at AwakeningLife!!!!!

  2. TRUTH!!!! This breaks my heart. Sometimes I feel all people do is give my Pastor a hard time :( He puts hiself and his family on the back burner to feed the sheep! Many complaints come forth but he just keeps praying and loving and working for God and HIS GLORY!!! I LOVE my Pastors and thank them for everything :)

  3. As a Pastor's wife I can say it is a hard job. There are many sleepless nights I am at home waiting for him to call while he is at a hospital or going to check on someone. His thoughts never really leave the church.

    I also can speak from experience, how easy it is to lift Pastors up. It's the small gestures that really count! I can't tell you how much it means when someone just writes Anthony a note telling him thank you. Just something simple like that just will brighten up his whole week!!!!!

    I love this devo and think it is such an important thing to talk about! Thanks for writing Mandy ;)

    I know I am going to be more conscious of telling my Pastor that I appreciate him and that he is doing a good job!!