Friday, July 26, 2013

A Little Bit of Gluten Goes A Long, Long Way

 "A little leaven (a slight inclination to error, or a few false teachers) leaven the whole lump (it perverts the whole conception of faith or misleads the whole church). Gal 5:9 AMP

 My youngest Niece and I were participating in a 30 day detox program on our road to better health. Among the things that needed to be eliminated from our diet was wheat gluten. We were at an outdoor event and had a variety of healthy snacks that would sustain us throughout the long day until we could get a healthy meal.

 The event had the usual outdoor event faire: hot dogs, funnel cakes, barbecue, ice cream - all off the list of acceptable foods for our program. I was a little hungry and pulled out a pack of cheese and wheat crackers to eat that I had on hand. I asked my Niece if she wanted one and she said,

"Well Aunt Cheryl, you might as well get a funned cake."

 Well she was right, wheat gluten is wheat gluten wether its in a wheat cracker or a funned cake. I thought about how that applies to the life a believer. None of us fell in to an unhealthy lifestyle all at once. We did it little by little by making little compromises.

 Compromise defined -Settlement of differences in which each side yields something.;endanger.

 As believers we need to yield our life to Christ and His Ways and not be so naive as to believe that a little compromise won't hurt us.

 It goes a long, long way

 Prayer: Dear Father, In Jesus Name I thank you for what you did for me at the Cross. I ask that You come in to me and help me live a Holy life. I love you. Amen.

God bless you

Cheryl Patton

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  1. Great devotion ! it is so easy to get caught up in the world system and make compromises!!!! We MUST sell out to Christ knowing that HE is THE only answer !!!!
    Pamela Britt Malone